Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is the infusion, or injection, of healthy stem cells into your body to replace damaged or diseased body cells. In treating kidney disease,stem cells can differentiate into new cells to replace the impaired renal intrinsic cells, thus reversing impaired kidney structure.

In kidney disease,the kidneys are impaired significantly,thus resulting in high level of waste products and toxins in body. In such a bad environment,it is not possible for stem cells to differentiate and regenerate.Before stem cell therapy is performed,Blood Purification and Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy will be used to purify blood by removing all kinds of toxins and waste products from body.

The curative effect of stem cell therapy for kidney Disease?

As we all know, kidney disease can not be cured completely, so our ultimate purpose of our treatment is to keep the damaged kidneys to function as long as possible, with as few complications as possible. Stem cell therapy is such a therapy. The marked improvement for kidneys after receiving stem cell therapy proves that this therapy is significantly better than most treatments. Besides, it avoids the need for dialysis and kidney transplant. The various indicators of kidneys will gradually return to normal:

-The blood circulation improves.

-High blood pressure is controlled.

-Immune system is rebuilt.

-High blood sugar reduces.

-Both albumin and leukocytes in the urine reduces to within normal limits.

- The level of GFR increases.

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